Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birth of the internet

The "idea" of the Internet was created in response to the creation of nuclear weapons. The government wanted there to be a way for the country to communicate and defend itself even if a portion of it was destroyed. The idea was to connect computers over vast distances through a series of networking. They wanted to be able to communicate with point C from point A even if point B didn't exist. They would be able to do this by re-routing the information through point D and have it go back to C. However, in typical American fashion the idea was never brought to reality until some people in England took over the theory and developed the first Internet called the Arpanet. They developed the Apranet in order for people to access and analyze data but, to there disappointment anyone who was privileged enough to have access to this program was using it more for professional and personal e-mail's rather then analyzing data. Decades later the Internet is serving the same purposes it did then but with many many new features.